The Unsaintly Court

The Unsaintly are people who have a propensity for darkness but don't quite fit the mold of other beings. We are "touched" by both light and dark. In the Christian theology, we would not be allowed into heaven nor hell because we've been marked by both a being (or event) which is considered "heavenly" and a being (or event) which is considered demonic or "of hell". We use energy in all forms to sustain ourselves and we are drawn to things like churches or temples of every faith. Unsaintly are neutral in alignment...unless provoked. Most of us tend to be healers or Counselor's - like nuns or priests - working to heal a persons spiritual being to effect their outward ailments.

Example: Many of us were brought up in church by an inherited faith. We felt drawn to faith but maybe felt... out of place? It was the wrong faith. Or it was a hypocritical religion based off man's agenda, therefore, we consistently seek answers from a higher power and open ourselves to the veil of the other side. This may have led to an encounter with an entity who is either light or dark. But it's never limited to just one because we are always seeking. When we speak of "church" it is intended to mean, "A place of worship but also meditation and consecration from malicious entities seeking to harm us on this plane."

Typically, we walk along the Veil (the place between life and death) and get along with all beings (those who call themselves Vampires, Fae, otherkin, etc). We are the nuns, priests, monks, and spiritual advisors of the realm with a gift for clairvoyancy.


Fans and Friends

Joining is easy, though to earn titles one must work and dedicate yourself to the cause. We welcome everyone, as this is a place of neutrality and acceptance. To join, simply go to my Facebook Group and click "join"! 

To gain a position in the court, you must be active, show true cause and loyalty, and be willing to carry out the unperverted covenant of The Unsaintly Court. 

Outer court is free. There are no dues. You simply mingle with us! To find the main branch of the Unsaintly follow the links you find on this page.

Once you've proven your commitment, there is the choice of the inner court, where your "dues" will be either time, or donations. We ask you to only give what you can, whether it be community service outreach, help organizing, donations, etc. 

The only difference between the inner and outer court, is level of commitment. We understand some are casual givers and we have no qualms with that. Life happens and we appreciate everything no matter how big or small you contribute.


Titled Members

Being part of the Unsaintly Court means, the title comes with a responsibility of being of honorable repute.  We deal with the trust and money of those who donate to our causes, and any deviation from the rules, or misconduct will be dealt with swiftly.

Some of the charities we donate to are the JJ Watt Foundation,  and the Women's Shelter. When we're larger, more will be added but for now, our focus is on quality not quantity.

In lieu of annual dues, we ask only for you to be active, volunteer, and donate as you are comfortable. You give as much as you can, and no more. We aren't in this to make money off our members. We are here to support one another and to grow into a strong system of those who walk on the line between light and dark, without having to face the stigma attached to it.