The Unsaintly Court

The Darque Court of the Unsaintly is for fun. We dress up, visit, and appear at conventions. We have a code of behavior which all members adhere to: Respect, and safety.

Being part of the court is nothing more than a love for horror but some go above and beyond by participating in charities. We love giving back, and removing the stigma of Horror-loving people. Are we spooky and "Gothy" looking? Absolutely. Do we love things which are odd and macabre? Of course! But we also love good things. Many of our anthologies give back to causes such as Mental Health, Victims of Hurricane Harvey, and Victims of abuse. To us, this is what makes the Darque Court so special.

Joining is easy, though to earn titles one must work and dedicate yourself to the cause. We welcome everyone, as this is a place of neutrality and acceptance. To join, simply go to my Facebook Group and click "join"! 

To gain a position in the court, you must be active, show true cause and loyalty, and be willing to carry out the unperverted covenant of The Unsaintly Court (in other words, love horror and be cool with other horror lovers). 

Membership in the court is free. There are no dues. You simply mingle with us, and catch us at conventions! 

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