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By her "Darque Design," Lisa Vasquez creates vivid, twisted horror with the precision of a scalpel, and cuts into the reader's psyche with "fleshed out" characters. In her novel, THE UNFLESHED: TALE OF THE AUTOPSIC BRIDE, the main character, Angus Wulfe, gains notoriety for being as vile and twisted as the iconic Dr. Hannibal. Lisa's writing style has been compared to the works of Mary Shelley, Baz Luhrman, and the Grand Guignol (John Palisano, Bram Stoker-winning author of NERVES), and is being hailed as, "A writer of nightmarish vision and a new, poetic voice in today's horror genre" (Peter Molnar, author of THE CLOCKWORK LAZARUS).
Lisa is the CEO of Stitched Smile Publications, the owner of Darque Halo Designs, the Publisher's Liaison for the Horror Writers Association, and also volunteers as a mentor to other authors.

You can also read Lisa’s work in the following collections: HYDROPHOBIA: CHARITY ANTHOLOGY FOR HOUSTON (victims of Hurricane Harvey), ATZ: THE GATHERING HORDE, Kevin J. Kennedy's COLLECTED HORROR SHORTS (Christmas, and Easter editions), and DARK PLACES, EVIL FACES II.

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