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Morrigan Kingsley is the daughter of a wealthy Serjeant at Law in 1347. The Plague has begun its run in Europe, taking both the wealthy and poor indiscriminately. As Morrigan's friends and family began to isolate themselves, she is unknowingly stalked by The Physician.

When Morrigan comes down with the Plauge, The Physician uses his position to get closer to her. Under the false pretense that he can cure her, he convinces Morrigan's father to an arrange their marriage but before the marriage could be carried out Morrigan dies.

Sneak Peek

I'm just getting my feet wet. I could write horrific things and shock my readers with a twisted thought or scene but I'd much rather bring them into my mind. I want them to see the darkness, feel the rush of fear, witness the nightmare inside of me..and then hopefully bring them back to their safe zone. It's my hope that they look over their shoulder a little more often afterwards. I love to write. I love to create worlds. I live through each of my characters. Right now I'm experimenting with writing styles and genres, and I can't wait to dig my claws in and drag my fans kicking and screaming with me.


"It really is OK to be a female and write horror. I'm not intimidated by any man who thinks this isn't the genre for a woman. A woman is expected to be this soft, emotional wreck in the face of tragedy or horror. I'm the woman that kicks it in the junk and goes for the jugular. I want to make the words bleed for me."



Though she was born to a noble family, Isabel Augustus had shown a love for piety, humility and servitude at a very young age. In a world of darkness, her light far outshone those around her, attracting the attention of both Heaven and Hell. When Isabel's simple actions as a mortal catch the eye of God, who showers her in his blessings and attentions, Lucifer's jealousy rears its ugly head once more. The age old contention between father and son results in a tug-of-war over her very soul when Lucifer begins to show her his own attention. They will soon find out that there is another who seeks out the soul of their precious Isabel. Will Isabel's faith be enough to save her and those she loves? Or will she give up her immortal soul to keep the end of the world at bay?

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The Unsaintly: Book 2

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